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About the PYNK Program

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Supported entirely by private donation, PYNK is the first program of its kind in Canada. PYNK is run by an interdisciplinary team of experienced health care professionals and a dynamic group of young breast cancer survivors to address the special clinical, psychological, research and educational needs of younger women with breast cancer.

Why a special program for young women?

Although women aged 40 and younger represent less than 10 per cent of all breast cancer patients, they have unique needs when diagnosed and can be more affected by the diagnosis.

Studies show younger women:

  • may require different management due to differences in the tumour’s biology and the woman’s stage of life. A few examples are the greater likelihood of a genetic cause, and treatment-related infertility.
  • are at greater risk of psychological and social distress due to coping with intimate early relationships or fear of new relationships, discussing the diagnosis with and struggling to care for young children, emerging careers, social isolation, fewer financial resources, and more body image issues.


This program is entirely supported through donations.

For physicians


Referral criteria:
• newly diagnosed
• aged 40 and under

Contact us at:
Emily Walker
416-480-5000 ext. 7938
Fax: 416-480-6179

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