Quality Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

At a glance

In August 2015, Sunnybrook launched a strategic planning process to identify ways to strengthen quality over the next three years.

Over 1,000 people voiced their opinions using traditional and innovative consultation methods along with over 70 staff, physicians and patients who attended a retreat to discuss and debate future directions.

The result is Sunnybrook’s Quality Strategic Plan 2016-2019 which will contribute to the achievement of the hospital’s vision and seeks to invent the future of quality.

Quality Strategic Plan 2016-2019

The foundation of our quality strategic plan provides the base upon which all of Sunnybrook’s quality initiatives are built. It includes Sunnybrook’s quality definition, underlying principles and quality elements.

Underlying principles to our quality plan

Four underlying principles guide Sunnybrook’s quality efforts and the selection of its quality elements, goals and objectives.

  1. Sunnybrook’s vision, mission, values, strategic goals and objectives inform the Quality Plan.
  2. All of Sunnybrook’s quality efforts are person-centred which include patients, families, hospital and medical staff, volunteers and students.
  3. Quality at Sunnybrook is innovative, process and results-driven, and exceeds expectations.
  4. Sunnybrook’s Strategic Priorities demonstrate preeminent leadership and excellence in advancing quality practices and outcomes.


Sunnybrook has defined quality as..

What Sunnybrook does: Provide safe, effective and efficient care, and how Sunnybrook does it: compassion, partnering and quality culture.

Sunnybrook care is
And provided with

Click on the buttons above to learn more about these elements and how they shape the quality of our care. Each of the quality elements can be understood from the perspective of the patient and the organization.


Quality elements can be understood from the perspective of the patient and the organization »

Quality ElementWhat it means for staff

What it means for patients


We provide care that keeps our
patients and each other safe.

My care will not harm me.

We provide care based on the best
evidence that we develop and adopt.

My care is the best Sunnybrook can provide.


We make the best use of our resources

I will receive care to ensure the best possible outcome.


We work to understand the needs of our patients and do our best to exceed their expectations.

I am a person who is more than my health-care concern. I feel engaged and understood. My team cares about me.


We work in teams and use an entire system to provide care.

Sunnybrook provides care in a team environment within the hospital and with partners in the system.

I am quality at Sunnybrook.

Sunnybrook provides excellent care.

Governance oversight and accountability »

Sunnybrook’s Board of Directors is responsible for the delivery of high quality care at Sunnybrook and focuses on quality issues and identifies areas for quality improvement.

With regard to Sunnybrook’s Strategic Quality Plan, the Board will provide governance oversight and accountability for the successful completion of the Plan.