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Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team

Pharmacy Services

Managing your medications

The pharmacists offer medication reviews, working with patients and/or their caregivers to support the safe administration and management of multiple medications. They can also provide up-to-date information regarding new and different pharmacological management strategies. Our pharmacists are Annie Hui and Kim Truong.

Smoking Cessation

Thinking about quitting? We can help. Get more info and view our tips & strategies to make it happen.

Clinic hours

Regular office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm

Evening hours: Monday-Thursday 5:30-8:00pm

Weekend hours: Sat 9am-3:00pm OR Sunday 9am-3pm (check voicemail for hours for upcoming week)

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If you are feeling unwell with any of the following symptoms:

Fever, new cough, muscle aches, difficulty breathing (or a combination of these symptoms)

Please complete the self-assessment questionnaire to determine if you need to be assessed at one of the COVID-19 Assessment Centres, or phone:

Toronto Public Health:


Important notice

If you or your family member are part of the Family Health Team and are admitted to a hospital, please let us know.

Uninsured services advisory

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