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Shoulder: patient education


After your surgery

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Exercise videos:

  1. Active assisted flexion in lying position
  2. Active assisted flexion using a ball
  3. Active assisted external rotation
  4. Active assisted internal rotation
  5. Active flexion in upright position
  6. Push-ups against a wall
  7. Resisted external rotation
  8. Resisted internal rotation
  9. Shoulder girdle stabilization
  10. Pull down and rowing

About these videos:

Disclaimer »

These videos are intended to be used as added education to help you manage your shoulder pain. They should be used together with instructions from your physiotherapist or other health care provider. Please see your physiotherapist or health care provider should you have any questions or concerns.

Acknowledgment »

This work was partially supported by a grant from the Collaborative Health Research Projects in 2019. We acknowledge the contribution of Varda Van Osnabrugge, PT, BSc, Michael Davenport, PT, BSc; David Burns, MD, FRCSC; Charity Mwebaze, MA; and Helen Razmjou, PT, PhD.

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