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About St. John's Rehab

  • History »

    For 75 years, we've been responding to the needs of our patients - body, mind and spirit.

  • Our Firsts »

    Founded in 1937, St. John’s Rehab was Ontario’s first hospital in the Toronto area to focus on rehabilitation care. The hospital was founded by the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, who have been pioneers in health care since 1885, promoting healing for the mind, body and soul.

  • Philosophy of Care »

    St. John’s Rehab at Sunnybrook is dedicated to providing innovative care that focuses on your physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Our whole-person approach to rehabilitation promises to provide excellence in care and service with a focus on meeting your individual needs.

  • Rehabilitation Programs »

    St. John’s Rehab creates individually customized rehabilitation programs for people recovering from amputations, traumatic injuries, burns, cardiovascular surgery, strokes, transplants, cancer, complex neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

  • Partnerships »

    We proactively establish partnerships with other care organizations, universities and the community to help achieve a more integrated health care system.