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Patient Information

The orthopaedic spine services treats all spinal conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. If you are a new patient you must have a referral faxed to one of our spine surgeons. We will then communicate the details of an appointment with your physician.

If you are currently a patient of Drs. Finkelstein, Ford, Yee, or Larouche and would like to book a follow-up appointment or are inquiring about a test result, please contact us at the appropriate office. If you are inquiring about a surgery date, our offices will be in touch with you once you are booked.  

In preparation of your appointment

In order to be seen by an orthopaedic spinal surgeon at Sunnybrook, your family doctor will need to fax a referral, along with a recent CT scan or MRI report.

Once an appointment has been made it is important you bring your CT scan or MRI report with you to the appointment. You will need to get this either as a hard copy or on a CD from the hospital that performed the tests. Please call the radiology department at that hospital and request a copy, you then will have to pick it up. Please do not ask that these films be forwarded to our office beforehand. If you had these tests at Sunnybrook, you will not need to pick this up as we have direct access. 

After your initial visit:

Once you have been seen by the surgeon and surgery has been decided, you will not receive an operation date that day. You will be contacted at a later date with a pre-op appointment at either the Pre-Assessment Clinic (Room MG 202) or Outpatient Procedures Clinic (MG 502). The surgeon’s office will inform you which clinic you will be attending (depending on the procedure you are having) once your surgery is booked. You will receive a call from your surgeon’s office and receive a pamphlet in the mail once your surgery is booked. You will be notified of the time of your surgery the working day before your surgery by the pre-op clinics named above. 

Please remember that Sunnybrook is a trauma hospital and therefore surgeries can be cancelled. On occasion your surgical date may be rescheduled one week before your surgery or even the day prior to your surgery. We make every effort to avoid this, however, in some cases it cannot be avoided.