An ambitious plan to invent the future of health-care

In this plan, we are taking the next step on the journey we began with our 2018 Strategic Plan and are continuing to work within the framework of our four Strategic Directions:

  • Personalized and Precise Treatments
  • Integrated and Sustainable Models of Care
  • Improve Quality and Create a Better Care Experience
  • High Performing Teams

Dear Friends and Partners of Sunnybrook:

Our health care systems in Ontario and across Canada are changing rapidly and as a result, there are significant influences that have shaped our thinking and our goals and objectives within each of our strategic directions. Among these have been the impact of the global pandemic and how this has been a catalyst for change in areas such as accelerating the implementation of our digital care strategies.

Our strategic thinking has been cognizant of the significant social justice issues that have been brought to the forefront and we have amplified the important work of addressing equity, diversity, and inclusivity through our Strategic Plan.

Through this planning cycle, we have continued to expand our reach beyond the walls of our campuses to think of our organization as more than a hospital. Our planning has included how we contribute to a larger, more integrated system with our community partners to create seamless patient care.

Our vision to invent the future of health care remains highly relevant and as you will see throughout this plan, our passion for innovation is fundamental in our drive to continually improve patient care. Sunnybrook Research Institute remains at the forefront of this work and will continue to lead the organization’s efforts to achieve our vision.

Our educational mission through the University of Toronto and our many other partner institutions is a core component of our plan and we are dedicated to ensuring the more than 5,000 learners who come to Sunnybrook each year for their education have a rewarding experience.

As Sunnybrook celebrates its 75th anniversary of caring for our first patient, the hospital continues to live its dual mandate of serving our local community and as a regional centre that provides complex and specialized care when it matters most for Ontarians.

Balancing these mandates in times of financial uncertainty remains a challenge and through this plan, the organization is increasingly looking for opportunities to generate new lines of revenue and to ensure efficiencies are realized.

While our 2025 Strategic Plan has been developed during one of the most challenging times in the history of our health care system, the lessons we have learned during this period and the values that define Sunnybrook, have guided our strategy to position us well for a successful future. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Tom Flynn Chair, Board of Directors

Tom Flynn
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Andy Smith
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Andy Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer