Who we are

Our Dual Mandate

Sunnybrook’s specific challenge is to provide excellent care, education and research while ensuring continuously better ‘value’ through improved, measurable quality-of-care; positive patient experiences; and improved costs for the health care system and society.

Sunnybrook is a nationally-leading and internationally-recognized academic health sciences centre in Ontario that has a distinct, dual mandate.

A map of Ontario showing where Sunnybrook is located on the map

Specfically, Sunnybrook aims to provide world class, compassionate care in two distinct areas:

  • A specialized hospital, providing complex care for the entire Province
  • A hospital for our ‘North Toronto’ community and geography

Our Sites and Campuses

Sunnybrook is a nationally-leading and internationally-recognized academic health care centre based at several sites in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our team delivers expert, compassionate care to patients from across Ontario; wide ranging and sometimes unique education to thousands of learners each year; and research and implementation of innovations that invent the future of health care. Since our first patient in 1946, Sunnybrook has evolved and expanded to become a network of integrated sites and campuses representing the full continuum of care including pre-hospital, acute, and post-acute and key specialty services for the Province.


1 - Bayview Campus

2 - Bellwood Health Services

3 - CNIB

4 - Holland Centre

5 - Humber Church Reactivation Care Centre

6 - Pine Villa

7 - Pre-Hospital Medicine (Brown’s Line)

8 - St. John’s Rehab

9 - Central Ambulance Communications Centre

10 - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network (PAIL)

Our Teams and Programs

With a dedicated and compassionate team of over 16,000 staff, physicians, volunteers and learners, our people and teams represent our key strategic advantage as we aim to fulfil our important role in Ontario’s health care system.

Sunnybrook was one of the first hospitals in Canada to adopt a programmatic organizational structure for clinical services. The foundational principle of Sunnybrook’s program structure was to centre resources and investments around broad groups of patient populations whose care needs would benefit from an integrated approach to resource decisions, multidisciplinary care teams, and education and research activities. This structure is woven into the fabric of Sunnybrook, and has continued to evolve over the years with the introduction of new programs and redefining existing programs to better achieve operational and strategic objectives.

As part of the 2025 Strategic Plan, Sunnybrook will be establishing its 10th program: “Precision Diagnostics & Therapeutics”, resulting from the consolidation of the hospital departments of Laboratory Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Imaging. The strategic mandate of this new program will be to translate new and evolving molecular and minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ of the body.

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Ten Sunnybrook Programs

DAN Women & Babies Program

4,100 babies born (including 3,700 patient days for micro preemies born at Sunnybrook).

Holland Bone and Joint Program

Highest volume of total joint replacements in Ontario (over 4,700 surgical procedures).

Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program

1 of 9 regional stroke centres in Ontario.

Integrated Community Program

Over 58,000 ED visits, with the highest volume of life-threatening cases in Ontario.

Odette Cancer Program

2nd largest cancer centre in Canada.

Precision Diagnostics and Therapeutics Program

Integrating medical imaging and laboratory medicine to advance Personalized & Precise Treatments.

Schulich Heart Program

Largest minimally invasive structural heart centre in Ontario.

St. John's Rehab Program

Specialized rehabilitation centre with over 3,000 inpatient discharges and over 58,000 outpatient rehab visits.

Tory Trauma Program

Canada’s 1st and largest regional trauma centre; and Ontario’s only Burn centre.

Veterans Program

Largest Veterans Care Centre in Canada with over 300 veterans.