Trauma Care and Recovery Guide
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Health-care summary & record of injuries

Your health-care team will help you fill out the below information to keep track of important symptoms and upcoming appointments after you leave the hospital.

How I might feel and what to do

If I feel... I should...
Fever over 38 degrees
Shortness of breath
I am worried about my wound care

After hospital care

Area of concern Instructions
Wound care

My upcoming appointments

Your doctor will provide you with the below information regarding upcoming appointments:

  • Doctor to see
  • Reason
  • Location
  • Date
  • Phone number
  • Will indicate if clinic will call with appointment date and time, or if patient will make the appointment

My medications

Name What it's for Instructions

Record of injuries

When you are admitted to the hospital, the medical team starts to find out your injuries by doing a physical examination and doing medical imaging tests such as x-rays.

  • You will be told about your injuries at many different times throughout your hospital stay as they become clear.
  • Some injuries may need specialized tests, and several days to figure them out and decide what treatment you need.

You can use the chart in the PDF version of the guide to write down the list of your injuries. On the pictures of the body, you can mark the places where you are injured. If you need help, a member of the health-care team can help fill it in.