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A traumatic injury care guide for patients and families/caregivers

A traumatic injury is unexpected. It can leave you and your loved ones feeling scared, anxious, frustrated and confused. It is Sunnybrook’s goal to help every patient and family through this difficult time by providing the best possible care.

While at Sunnybrook, you may be far from home and your local hospital. You were brought here because Sunnybrook is a trauma centre. Trauma centres are specialized hospitals that have the right equipment and the right experts to care for patients with traumatic injuries. Sunnybrook is one of only 9 adult trauma centres in Ontario, and the largest one in Canada. The Sunnybrook team is dedicated to taking care of injured patients and helping them recover.

We hope this guide will help guide you and your loved one during your hospital stay and answer some of your questions.

Feel free to jump to a section of the guide below, or to navigate through the content using the green buttons at the bottom of the page

Our staff members are here to help you. Please feel free to ask questions and share your concerns. We look forward to working with you during your hospital stay and recovery process.

Looking for a printable version of the trauma care and recovery guide? Download the PDF.

This resource was created with Patient & Family input.