Trauma Care and Recovery Guide
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Patient-care units for trauma patients

"Ward" level of care

When your loved one is ready to come to the patient-care units (wards), this means that he or she does not need the ICU and is more medically stable. On a ward, patients are cared for by nurses who look after three or four patients during the day and five or six patients at night.

Most Sunnybrook trauma patients are cared for on C5, which is the specialized trauma ward, located on the 5th Floor of C-Wing of the hospital.

However, your loved one may be cared for on other patient-care units in the hospital, such as D5, D6 and C6. The teams on C5 and the other patient-care units are experts in caring for patients with serious injuries and helping them progress in their journey towards recovery.

Visiting guidelines

Visitor information, including visiting hours

  • Visiting hours for the patient-care units are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • The doors to enter into C5 are always locked for the safety of some patients who may wander.
  • You can get into the ward through the locked double doors near the C5 main elevator. Please press the doorbell which can be found on the right side of the doors.
  • In order to respect other patients, we ask that there are only two visitors at a time. Other visitors can wait in the cafeteria or other areas of the hospital and take turns visiting the patient, two at a time.
  • Our goal is to reduce noise in the ward. Visitors should speak quietly to each other and while using cell phones.

Rooms in the patient-care units

About the rooms

  • The patient-care units have a combination of private (one bed) and semi-private (two or three beds) rooms.
  • Women and men may share the same room.
  • Rooms are often chosen based on medical needs. So a request for a specific room may not always be possible.
  • There are only a few private rooms. They are usually used for patients who need to be in a room by themselves for medical reasons.
  • Sometimes, when all the hospital beds are full, some patients will be placed on stretchers in the hallway until a bed in a room is available. This is not ideal, but it is necessary in order to avoid longer wait times in the emergency department.

In-room services

Telephone icon


A bedside phone can be used for a flat fee of $4 per day. The telephone service charge begins after the first use.

Wifi icon


We are happy to offer free Wi-Fi to our patients and visitors. Bring your own device (BYOD) to the hospital to enjoy entertainment during your hospital stay.

Items not provided to you in patient-care units

Icons of personal care items

  • Please consider bringing the following items from home because they are not provided by the hospital:  pajamas, bathrobe, non-slip footwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo.
  • You might want to bring in some personal items to keep you, or your loved one busy, such as a cellphone, reading material, crosswords, clock radio and music with headphones.
  • Some of these items can be found in the hospital Gift Shop, located in M-Wing, 1st Floor.
  • Please Note: If you are using any personal electrical equipment, such as a computer, DVD player or CPAP machine from home, these items will first need to be checked for safety clearance by the hospital’s biomedical engineering department.

Who to call

To reach the nursing station in the patient care units, call the following phone numbers:

For C5: 416-480-4187
For C6: 416-480-4945
For D5: 416-480-4309
For D6: 416-480-4303