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Wireless internet - wifi

Wireless internet

Please note: Guest WiFi is currently unavailable due to maintenance.

We are happy to offer free wireless internet access to patients and visitors.

Bayview Campus and Holland Orthopedic and Arthritic Centre

To access the WiFi service, connect to the SW_guest network using the password sunnybrook.

Please note: Signal strength may be weaker in certain parts of the hospital and during peak usage periods.

St. John's Rehab

Computers with internet access are located in the patient lounge on each patient care unit. A user account and password must be assigned. For account set-up, please call the IT Support Group at ext. 7060 and select option 1.
Patients can also access computers and internet at our Resource Centre located in the Horsfall Eaton wing lobby.

Free, but limited, wireless access is available for patients and visitors for light surfing or checking e-mail. These services are only available in specific areas of the hospital, primarily in the Horsfall Eaton and Agnew wings. Service will be monitored and controlled as required by policy or law.


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