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Early Warning Scores

This module is for Sunnybrook nursing staff and students who work on C2, D2, or D6.

The implementation of an Early Warning Scoring (EWS) System within Sunnybrook’s acute care wards is the next phase of Sunnybrook’s Escalation of Care interventions. EWS will strengthen patient safety and reduce the occurrence of harm to patients resulting from escalation of care related to patient safety evens. EWS is an evidence-based safety strategy that will leverage eVitals and the SunnyCare ERM system to identify and alert teams when patients are at risk for clinical deterioration based on changes in vital signs.

This module will:

  • Introduce and explain Early Warning Scoring (EWS) and Sunnybrook’s EWS Project as a patient safety intervention to support timely escalation of care;
  • Show how to complete EWS scoring and also where EWS scoring data will be stored during the EWS Scoring and Analysis Phase;
  • Share EWS scoring resources and tips for discussing EWS score collection with patients and family members;
  • Clarify the required escalation of care practices during the EWS Scoring and Analysis Phase.

Please note: Sunnybrook Staff may also access this training video on Sunnybrook’s Learning Management System at ca/myeducation, by searching for “Early Warning Score”. The purpose of posting the training videos here is for learners and others without access to MyEducation.