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Welcome to the e-BPMH Training Package!

Medication Reconciliation is a patient safety initiative that aims to minimize adverse events experienced by patients as they make transitions within the healthcare system. The Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) consists of an accurate list of all medications a patient takes at home and, therefore, serves as the foundation for subsequent medication orders. As a result, the acquisition of the BPMH constitutes a vital step in the Medication Reconciliation process.

A formal and standardized training approach is an excellent way in which to prepare staff and students for the collection of a comprehensive and accurate BPMH. With this in mind, Sunnybrook has created the corresponding certification package to facilitate the training of personnel involved in the collection of BPMHs and educate trainees on the importance of Medication Reconciliation in advancing patient safety.

This BPMH certification package consists of two components: 

  1. BPMH eLearning Module: A didactic presentation that focuses on the proper execution, as well as the role, of the BPMH in the context of the Medication Reconciliation process. This module encompasses:
    • An overview of Medication Reconciliation
    • What is the BPMH
    • Who should collect the BPMH
    • When the BPMH should be collected
    • How to collect and document the BPMH
    • How the BPMH is used throughout the patient's hospital stay

    Open the eLearning Module in a new window

  2. Virtual Patient Cases: Two distinct patient interactions through which the sequential BPMH acquisition process is simulated, thereby allowing trainees to put into practice the knowledge and skills they gained from the didactic portion of the training package.

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At Sunnybrook, we are committed to enhancing the delivery of care using innovative approaches that drive quality health services. On behalf of our Pharmacy Department, we thank you for your interest in this training package and for joining us in our efforts to foster a culture of patient safety.