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Student & Teaching Awards

Peters-Boyd Academy Student and Teaching Awards

Students, teaching faculty and curriculum administrators are invited to submit nominations for the Peters-Boyd Academy Student and Teaching Awards. Recipients will be honoured with their awards at the awards ceremony in June 2023 (Sunnybrook and TPH guidelines permitting).

The following will be awarded separately:

The Esther Williams Outstanding Contributions by a Student Award and the A.W. Harrison Award will be presented at the PB Annual CC4 Graduation Luncheon in May/June (Sunnybrook and TPH guidelines permitting).

The Golden Stethoscope Awards will be presented near the end of the 2T4 clerkship year at a ceremony welcoming the new incoming Peters-Boyd Academy clinical clerks.

Note: The deadline for submissions for nominations for the Golden Stethoscope Awards is extended to Friday, July 28, 2023.

The Schulich Awards recipients will receive their awards at the annual Schulich Awards Ceremony (Sunnybrook and TPH guidelines permitting).


Teaching nominations may be submitted in hard copy to the Academy Director, Peters-Boyd Academy, Room E3 54a, care of Ms. Sonya Boston, or electronically to Ms. Sonya Boston at

All nominations must be accompanied by a letter of support reflecting the award criteria.

Teaching nomination forms, including relevant supporting documentation is to be received by: 1:00 p.m. on Friday, April 6, 2023.

Forms & Documents

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Tutor and Teaching Nomination Forms

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Student Nomination/Submission Forms

Golden Stethoscope Award

Esther Williams Award

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