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What do students think of Sunnybrook?

Sunnybrook welcomes more than 5,000 learners each year. They come from all over the world to study with our renowned faculty and become important members of our interprofessional, person-centered teams.

All students are asked to complete a survey at the end of their placement. Their feedback helps us grow.

Here’s what our 2018/2019 survey respondents said:

What our learners say:

My preceptor was always willing to teach and was very patient when it came to tasks I was learning.

There was lots of support when needed. Everyone was very friendly and willing to help!

I got to perform and learn all the basic skills I wanted to, plus additional skills I was not expecting.

I’m very grateful that the Sunnybrook team is supportive of allowing students to shadow other therapists, departments, and practice settings during the placement.

About Education at Sunnybrook:

Over 5,000 students come to Sunnybrook each year.

Students are part of an interprofessional team with placements in more than 50 different professions.

Learners have come from 95 countries to study at Sunnybrook.

Sunnybrook partners with over 40 schools.

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