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Welcome, Nursing Students!

Congratulations! We're so glad you’ll be joining us for your Nursing Practicum at Sunnybrook.

Watch our welcome video below to learn how to get started:

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Frequently Asked Questions - NirvSystem Technical Issues:

I completed the module but it's not showing up as completed.

  • When completing modules please ensure to review the modules in its entirety and do not skip any sections.
  • For modules with a quiz, click on the "close" button at the top right corner. This ensures you have completed the requirement.
  • For modules without a quiz, click on the "finish" button at the top right corner.
  • Routine Practices Module: For this module please ensure to review the module in its entirety, do not skip any sections. When you get to the quiz results page click the “Finish” button first and then click “close” at the top right. This ensures you have completed this requirement.
  • Please ensure you have cleared your cache. This link provides instructions on deleting browser history and clearing cache for all browsers:
  • PC Users: Please use Google Chrome 44 or higher. Please ensure you have enabled flash on your browser; the newer versions of Chrome, flash is not defaulted.
  • MAC Users: Please use Safari. Please ensure you enabled the sheild to allow unsecure add-on to run (adobe flash). To enable the sheild click the little red sheild in the upper right hand corner, at the end of the browser address.

I need to stop the module and come back later.

If you need to leave this module now and continue to review it later you may click the "close" button at the top right corner. This will allow you to return to the module to complete.

Where do I go to complete my requirements once I'm logged in?

Click on "Registration Requirements" and then "Details" in the bottom left hand corner of the box. Click on the boxes, complete the requirements and the status should change to "signed" or "completed".

Don't forget

Check out the document repository in NirvSystem for more resources before you start:

  • Parking rates
  • TTC/GO info
  • Shuttle schedule
  • Unit profiles
  • Lockers & parking at St. John's Rehab


All inquiries should be directed to Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours. Please note, that during the high intake months of January, May and September email is the quickest method of communication.

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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