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For Everyone with A Brain

With brain disorders such as mental health, stroke and dementia on the rise, more families are struggling with the impact.

These and other illnesses like ALS, Parkinson’s and traumatic brain injury are complex and they can be interrelated. It makes sense to take a unified approach to understanding them.

Sunnybrook's Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre is the first of its kind to bring medical specialists from diverse fields together to collaborate in one space dedicated to research, innovation and patient care across a range of brain disorders.

These pioneers will accelerate the discovery of the next generation of treatments, prevention and possible cures to the world’s most debilitating brain conditions.

Now under construction, this revolutionary Centre will provide new hope to patients and their loved ones at Sunnybrook and around the world.

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At Sunnybrook’s Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre, collaboration is an integral driver in treatment and care. Interdisciplinary experts across the field of brain sciences will be brought together under one roof, from psychiatry, neurology, imaging, pharmacology, neurosurgery, geriatric medicine and beyond.

Breaking geographical barriers and harnessing the expertise of some of the most talented minds in brain sciences in one location, is a powerful driver for innovation across disciplines that will accelerate discovery as well as the implementation of future forward clinical models of care.

Body and brain health

There will be an integrated approach to the treatment of mental and physical health here at the Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre. The care of brain and body will be considered together, rather than separately, leading to thoughtful and thorough approaches and potential solutions to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of life-altering brain conditions.

Care across the lifespan

From youth through adulthood, into the elderly years, we have you covered. Our youth psychiatry division is the largest of its kind in Ontario where we provide leading care for adolescents with mental illness. Elderly patients benefit from our expertise in dementia, depression or post-stroke disability.

We are committed to improving lives through better diagnosis, treatment and enduring care.

Embedding education and research in care

As an academic health sciences centre, we will successfully incorporate research and education into leading-edge care.

Our interdisciplinary health experts will contribute to training the next generation of clinicians, researchers and health-care professionals. As we grow and share that knowledge, we will discover new treatments and ways to prevent disease, helping to improve brain health here and around the world.

Who will this centre help?

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Sunnybrook’s Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre will be three stories tall, with 121,000 square feet and capacity to expand and grow. It will help dramatically in improving patient care. This will be a collaborative space, fostering innovations in treatments for brain and mental health and redefining how care is delivered to patients.