Diffusion MRI of human brain

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Brain Sciences

At Sunnybrook’s Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program we are treating some of the most devastating and common illness of our time: dementia, stroke, and mental health conditions. Everyday our team of talented clinicians and researchers continue to break new barriers in brain health and find new ways to tackle even the most difficult-to-treat brain disorders.

We have continued to pioneer advances in focused ultrasound. This non-invasive technology uses sound waves guided by imaging to reach deep into the brain to potentially destroy disease or disrupt malfunctioning circuitry, while sparing healthy tissue. This is paving the way for innovative treatments of obsessive compulsive-disorder, major depression, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and more. Most recently, Sunnybrook researchers have embarked on a ground breaking clinical trial using focused ultrasound to deliver a therapeutic directly to affected brain regions in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

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Patient Story:

Life after Trauma
Serena has lived with severe PTSD for decades. She has tried every available form of treatment, but nothing has worked. Until now. Serena is the first PTSD patient in Canada to be treated with deep brain stimulation.

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