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Golfing to support care for women with cancer

Women’s Health Golf Classic group photo
With every eagle, birdie or triple bogey the Women’s Health Golf Classic soars

The annual sell-out event, which just celebrated its 20th year, has raised an astounding amount – more than $4.4 million – to support the life-changing work of Sunnybrook’s Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre and the Odette Cancer Program.

Funds from the 2023 event are going towards the purchase of a spatial phenotyping microscope for use in cancer research. This revolutionary technology can 3D map, millions of cancer cells and their interactions in order to gain a more complete understanding of the tissue landscape that formed the cells. This will help advance Sunnybrook’s focus on care that is personalized and precise to a patient’s unique biology.

“When donors support initiatives like advanced technology, we can ensure our expertise reaches our maximum potential and we can continue to make breakthroughs in personalized and precise treatment,” says Dr. Eileen Rakovitch, research director, Odette Cancer Program.

In previous years, funds raised by the Women’s Health Golf Classic have contributed to more rapid diagnosis; improved access to breast reconstruction; a first-of-its-kind imaging system to aid surgery; and even the building of the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre itself.

The tournament is a powerful force for good, thanks to the commitment of the organizers. “I wanted to champion a cause that would have a significant impact for women and in breast cancer research,” says Anne Odette Kaye, who is on the 17-member organizing committee and has been co-chair of the event for all of its 20 years. Adds co-chair Marilyn Hull, “The Sunnybrook Golf Classic has provided the opportunity to guide our dedicated committee in supporting the research and treatment of patients at the Odette Cancer Centre.”

For the team at The Odette Cancer Centre and the patients they serve, every drive, chip and putt has made a difference. If you would like to support Sunnybrook by creating an event.