(L) Fred Waks, Chair, Sunnybrook Foundation Board of Directors - (R) Dr. Jon S. Dellandrea, C.M., President & CEO Sunnybrook Foundation

Every day, across Sunnybrook's campuses, our scientists and clinicians are inventing new ways to stop disease and save lives, to make the impossible possible regardless of the odds, thanks to your support.

Our place at the forefront of medical innovation was showcased last fall at the Focused Ultrasound: A New Frontier for Brain Therapy symposium. Sunnybrook partnered with the esteemed Gairdner Foundation to show the world how we are developing this game-changing technology to advance patient care.

Thanks to early and sustained philanthropic support, Sunnybrook now has the largest focused ultrasound research program in the world. From the stage, our scientists shared world first after world first in their use of targeted beams of sound to challenge the most urgent brain diseases of our time.

Today there is new promise for patients and their families, with ongoing focused ultrasound trials for Alzheimer's, ALS, brain cancer, depression and OCD; and new trials underway for Parkinson's, MS tremor, essential tremor and, in partnership with SickKids, for a devastating form of paediatric brain cancer.

The leading-edge technologies of our Cancer Ablation Therapy Program are designed for personalized and precise treatments, offering patients better results and faster recoveries. As the only Canadian member of the international consortium developing the MR-Linac, our teams have advanced complex research so our partners can extract the full benefit of this leading edge tool. In August Sunnybrook treated the first patient in Canada using this technology made possible with donor support.

Philanthropy touches every part of the hospital, and we pledge to hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in return for your trust in making gifts to support innovation, equipment, capital projects and more. We encourage you to review our financial overview on page 44 or our full audited financial statements online at sunnybrook.ca/foundation/statements.

When you read the stories in this report, and additional stories online, you will understand the enduring impact of your gifts on the lives of our patients and their loved ones. Together, we are challenging the impossible on all fronts, resolute in our purpose to invent the future of health care.

Fred Waks
Dr. Jon S. Dellandrea, C.M.

Thank You

Andy Smith, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS, President & CEO Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Every morning when I come to work at Sunnybrook's Bayview campus, I look up and see the new helipad on top of the main wing of the hospital. It's a highly visible reminder of who we are and what we do when the unthinkable happens. We're here when it matters most.

Patients in need of rapid, life-saving care arrive on our roof from across the province by air ambulance. They are whisked down to the trauma bay where a specialized team diagnoses their injuries and begins the complex process of restoring a life.

We were Canada's first trauma centre, and we remain the largest. The new helipad saves minutes when minutes count, ensuring the best possible outcomes, and was built entirely thanks to donor support from our community. Donors are making that kind of life-saving difference throughout Sunnybrook, across all three campuses, for the benefit of our patients.

Donor investment has made Sunnybrook a world leader in focused ultrasound, where sound waves are transformed into a therapeutic tool that can reach deep into the brain to treat disease or deliver therapy without an incision.

Donors helped secure three leading cancer-fighting technologies unique in Canada, which comprise our Cancer Ablation Therapy (CAT) Program. These tools allow us to offer care that is precise and personalized for each patient.

Donor support for the Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre inspired the province to invest, allowing us to expand the scope of this bold and holistic new space. There, researchers and clinicians will work side by side to discover ways to solve the rising tide of diseases of the brain and mind.

Your investment, and that of so many others, ensures we have the resources to attract the best minds, acquire the latest technology, and advance bold and life-saving research.

Everywhere I look at Sunnybrook, I see the impact of donor support, of your support. Thank you for investing in us as, together, we invent the future of health care.

Andy Smith, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
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