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New model
for recovery

A new clinic – the first of its kind in Canada – opened its doors in April 2021 with an ambitious goal: to provide an innovative model of care for patients on their road to recovery.

The Jennifer Tory Trauma Recovery Clinic was a vision years in the making made possible thanks to a leadership gift by Jennifer Tory, which in turn inspired other donors to provide support.

The Tory family name is synonymous with life-saving care at Sunnybrook. Jennifer’s own proud tradition started early as a teen when she was a candy striper for this very hospital, and has carried on with her long-time volunteer leadership as a member of the Sunnybrook Foundation Board of Directors.

This gift builds upon my parents’ early support of the Tory Trauma Program, which helped to create a state-of-the-art trauma facility at Sunnybrook and broaden the program’s scope of care,” says Jennifer. “With this new clinic, Sunnybrook will expand that vision with a new model of care to address the chronic, often invisible effects of injury.”

The clinic that now bears her name is emblematic of Sunnybrook’s mission to be there for patients when it matters most.

“The goal of the Jennifer Tory Trauma Recovery Clinic is to address gaps in care and ensure that each patient has the greatest chance of returning to the highest level of functional recovery and the best possible quality of life,” says Dr. Avery Nathans, medical director of the Tory Trauma Program and surgeon-in-chief at Sunnybrook.

The Jennifer Tory Trauma Recovery Clinic will see as many as 1,500 patients a year through an integrated care approach. This dedicated space unites care providers across different disciplines, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, psychiatry, psychology, and pain management, with the intention of following patients for a year after discharge.

“Having access to all of that expertise in the clinic will be helpful for both the care providers and the patients,” echoes Dr. Nathens, who helped lead the development of the clinic.

Grace Walter, patient care manager for the Jennifer Tory Trauma Recovery Clinic, is also the patient care manager for the trauma in-patient ward. She says her dual role is key. “It’s part of the idea of seamless care,” she says.

Having this dedicated space will help us ensure patients are getting the support they need during their recovery and follow-up process,” says Corey Freedman, Manager of Trauma Services at Sunnybrook.

Dr. Nathens notes that it’s early days for the new clinic and there is lots to learn. “The team will be capturing data on how patients are doing at one month, six months, and a year down the road,” he says. “We want to really partner with the patient and understand how to provide the best care.”

The Jennifer Tory Trauma Recovery Clinic sets the stage for a person’s journey to recovery from traumatic injuries with patient-centered care addressing their physical & psychosocial needs.