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Supporting seniors in our community

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Thanks to donor support, Sunnybrook will soon open a new hub for seniors care

Many of us are fortunate to count seniors among our family and friends. Yet we are also challenged to provide care that addresses the complexity of their health needs. Peter Cipriano understands the difficult task of supporting seniors well. Having elderly parents who received geriatric care at Sunnybrook made a strong impression on him.

Reflecting on his family’s experience, Peter was moved to make an impact that will bridge the gap for seniors, enabling them to live healthy, independent lives with dignity. With a leadership investment of $10 million, he is helping Sunnybrook establish the Peter Cipriano Centre for Seniors Health: a new purpose-built space that will be home to an innovative model of practice for seniors.

Typical of his generosity, Peter is shining a spotlight on Sunnybrook’s longstanding commitment to seniors and our community. "Our parents made sacrifices for us, and we need to provide them with the best care possible as they age. I'm excited to see how this new Centre will allow the wonderful staff at Sunnybrook to create a new way to care for seniors."

With the population of seniors living in Ontario expected to double over the next 20 years, the demand for the Peter Cipriano Centre’s services and expertise will only increase.

Geriatric care is important. Everyone ages, and as people age, daily tasks can become much more difficult to accomplish, and there can be many more health problems,” says Peter. “Seniors need the right resources and sufficient support.”

The Peter Cipriano Centre will increase access to coordinated care for seniors by uniting inter-professional providers under one roof. Our dedicated teams will provide a variety of care options through clinical services, an outpatient day hospital and mobile outreach.

Across its clinics, the Peter Cipriano Centre will offer a range of health services in areas that commonly affect seniors, including dementia, mental health, falls and bone health, medications support and more. Expert leaders and practitioners in seniors healthcare will work together to deliver clinical services seamlessly.

Programming and health education provided as part of the outpatient day hospital will improve seniors’ functional capabilities and quality of life. The topics will focus on a variety of themes relevant to seniors health such as falls prevention, advanced care planning, emergency preparedness and more – all delivered as structured programming that seniors can attend one or two days a week for a specific period of time.

Rendering of the Peter Cipriano Centre for Seniors Health.
Rendering of the Peter Cipriano Centre for Seniors Health.

Through the Centre’s mobile outreach program, patients will be able to schedule follow-up visits with Sunnybrook’s practitioners and connect with other health care services. In addition, family members and caregivers will have the opportunity to participate in education programs and gain access to community services that will help them better support the seniors in their lives.

With his strong commitment, Peter’s generosity will continue to help Sunnybrook trailblaze care for seniors and their families. “Sunnybrook has always been special to me because they have helped and cared for many people in my family. They provided the best care possible,” says Peter. Construction of the Peter Cipriano Centre, which is set to open its doors in 2024, is already underway.