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Colposcopy is used to examine the cervix under magnification.  The speculum is inserted into the vagina and a vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.  The vinegar solution does not hurt and causes the abnormal cells to turn white.  A biopsy is taken of any white areas.  The biopsy is sent to the lab to determine if dysplasia is present.

You may experience vaginal spotting for 1-2 days after a biopsy.  The solution that is used to decrease spotting may cause you to also see a blackish discharge.  A light pad should be used.  You should refrain from intercourse for 2 days after a biopsy.

A colposcopy exam does NOT substitute for your yearly checkup and internal exam by your family physician.  It does NOT check for infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or AIDS.  It does NOT check for problems such as fibroids or ovarian cysts.  You must still have a yearly checkup with your doctor.  

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