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Vascular Lab

Our Service

  • Located in H279 (H-wing, second floor)
  • Provides objective diagnostic information evaluating the presence, location and physiological extent of heart and vascular disease with the use of Doppler, which sends ultrasonic sound waves into the tissues
  • Echoes returning from moving red blood cells produce audible signals that are visually displayed on a screen
  • Doppler combined with ultrasound imaging visualize the vessel of interest and assess blood flow
  • All tests are non-invasive, painless and risk free
  • Several types of tests are performed in the Vascular Lab and can be done on the arteries and/or veins in the arms, legs, digits, neck, and abdomen
  • Tests are performed for the following symptoms: 
    • pain in legs with walking (claudication)
    • arm pain/weakness/numbness
    • cold sensitivity in digits
    • blood clots
    • varicose veins
    • aneurysms
    • stroke
  • Tests consist of either blood pressure measurements in the arms and/or legs, and/or ultrasound imaging. 
  • Test takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the type
  • No preparation for most studies,  however, if an abdominal study is requested, the patient is asked to fast for 4 hours prior