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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based treatment that has consistently been shown to be effective alone, or in combination with medication for the treatment of mood, anxiety and several other psychiatric disorders.

CBT takes the stance that emotions, thoughts and behaviours are all linked. As a result, patients learn skills to identify and modify thoughts and behaviours that are linked to emotional states that interfere with social and occupational function.

CBT is a short-term therapy, meaning that it rarely exceeds 16 weekly sessions. The therapy is structured and focused on providing patients with skills to help manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

If deemed suitable, patients may be offered group or individual CBT depending on the nature of their difficulties. In addition, some patients may qualify to receive CBT treatment in the context of ongoing research that takes place at our site.

Our clinic does not currently see patients with a primary psychotic disorder, nor do we accept people whose main issue is related to substance abuse. Our clinic serves only the adult population in our catchment area (living between St. Clair Avenue and Sheppard Avenue and between Bathurst Street and the Don Valley Parkway). A referral to the clinic can be made by a physician, by calling Vida Jennet at 416-480-6030 or by downloading the referral form.