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New name for our Education Research Unit

September 20, 2022

As of today, Sunnybrook’s Education Research Unit (ERU) will be known as the:

Sunnybrook Hub for Applied Research in Education (SHARE).

The ERU was created 10 years ago and over the past decade its priorities and vision have evolved. The new name, Sunnybrook Hub for Applied Research in Education (SHARE), reflects this evolution and was selected to showcase who the team is, what they do, and what their priorities are as defined in their new strategic plan.

For those who might not know, SHARE encompasses all clinician researchers and scientists that are involved in education research at Sunnybrook. Its goal is to ‘empower our Sunnybrook team to learn as they work’ with a focus on:

  • Encouraging engagement in education research and scholarship
  • Creating spaces and networks for innovation and leadership
  • Facilitating collaboration within and across institutions
  • Showcasing education research and scholarly activities

Many factors were considered when developing and deciding on the new name. For example, it was important to include ‘applied research,’ which shows our focus on putting research into practice expediently to improve care. The acronym, SHARE, conveys a positive and supportive environment where ideas are generated and people come together. A place where new concepts and open dialogue can flourish.

Meet some of our education researchers and see what they’re working on 

The next steps for SHARE include building and growing our education research priorities at Sunnybrook to be a leader in education research across the healthcare system. Please stay tuned for news from SHARE and its researchers.

We’d like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our partners and collaborators who have inspired and worked with us over the years, and who will continue to do so in the future. Your contribution to this next phase of education research at Sunnybrook is appreciated and valued.

If you have any questions about the new name or SHARE’s future vision and goals please reach out at share@sunnybrook.ca.