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Important updates to the temporary road closure on the Bayview campus

November 25, 2022

Updated November 25, 2022

There will be a change to the section of Raab Boulevard that is temporarily closed on the Bayview campus, that will result in changes to access and routes on campus over the next week.

Raab Blvd is the road running west – east in between Parking Garages 1 and 2 (PG1 & PG2) along past the Veterans Centre and through to Veterans Hill Trail.

During scheduled construction, the road will be shut down to vehicle and bus traffic, and pedestrian traffic will be re-routed.

Please take note of the following changes:

  • Construction to the west side of Raab Boulevard (the part of the road that has been temporarily closed until now) will be complete and re-open the evening of Saturday November 26.
  • Construction to the east side of Raab Boulevard (picking up from where the road construction ended on the east side) will begin on Monday November 28 and close off the east side of Raab Blvd from K wing (at the base of the ramp from M1 and next to H wing) to Veterans Hill Trail from Monday November 28 to Sunday December 4th.

Please note the following changes and impact to access/routes:

Access to after-hours parking for staff overnight Friday November 25 through to Saturday Nov. 26th:

  • Staff working tonight (Friday November 25) who would normally park in Parking Garage 1 (PG1), may park in Lot 20 as construction work will begin in the morning on Raab.

Access from Monday, November 28 – Sunday December 4:

Vehicle/bus access and parking:

  • Wheel-Trans will continue drop off/pick up at M, H and L wings.
  • Vehicles will not be able to access Raab Blvd. from Veterans Hill Trail and vice versa. Vehicles will only be able to access the Veterans Centre through the west side of Raab Blvd, up until approximately K wing (at the base of the ramp coming down from M1 and next to H wing).
  • Parking lot 18 will be out of service

Pedestrian access:

  • Access to Veteran units and screening entrances during this phase of the road work will be back to original condition as follows:
  • The main entrance to L wing will be open
  • The entrance to K wing (the large glass sliding doors) will be closed
  • West entrance to L-wing (near parking garage 2) will be closed
  • East entrance to K-Wing remains open to pedestrians
  • Shuttle Services pick up in front of H-Wing will be moved to east side of M-Wing main entrance (first level)
  • TTC operation will be back to normal

This map outlines routes that are open and closed during construction:

Please pay attention to new traffic signs
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions about the construction work, please contact the undersigned.


Please be aware there will be some noise in line with typical road construction. In an effort to minimize disruption, work will be limited to the hours between 7 am and 5 pm.

Why this work is being done

The road, curbs and sidewalks on Raab Blvd are in need of repairs to ensure the grounds are safe to navigate.

If you have any questions about the construction work, please contact Saleh Daei at 647-544-8779.

Thank you for your patience with these construction delays.