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Congratulations to the 2024 Winners of the Bertin Award for Excellence in Customer Service!

May 15, 2024

The Bertin Award for Excellence in Customer Service is an annual award that recognizes and honours the work of individuals who demonstrate the values of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and a commitment to excellent customer service in their daily work with patients, families and colleagues.

Meet this year's winners.

Clive Bedneau
Receiver, Receiving/Stores

Clive exemplifies Sunnybrook's commitment to building and strengthening high-performing teams that enable the delivery of high-quality care. Through his accurate and efficient work in inputting receipts into purchase orders, he not only supports the smooth functioning of accounts payable processes but also upholds Sunnybrook's reputation for timely payments, aligning with the organization's dedication to excellence in service provision. His collaborative approach and calm demeanour further reinforce Sunnybrook's ethos of teamwork and quality care delivery.

Denise Crump
Patient Administrative Associate (PAA), Maternal/Newborn Unit

With over three decades of service at Sunnybrook, Denise's commitment to excellence is unwavering. Denise embodies compassionate care, consistently going above and beyond her duties to address patients' needs – from fetching towels or gowns to facilitating communication with other units. As the unit's new Team Leader, she continuously looks for opportunities for quality improvement, striving to enhance the patient and staff experience. Her interactions are characterized by genuine warmth and inclusivity, fostering a nurturing environment for all, including colleagues and families. Her small gestures, like greeting everyone with a cheerful "good morning," and celebrating new arrivals with heartfelt congratulations, are not only a reflection of her genuine compassion and professionalism, but also of Sunnybrook’s core values.

Heather Greene
Outpatient Department Support Staff, Holland Centre

Since joining the Holland Centre Outpatient Department (OPD) team in 2016, Heather has proven to be a loyal and dedicated asset to Sunnybrook, building on her impressive tenure with the organization since 2008. Her proactive problem solving extends to all her interactions. Her keen intuition allows her to identify and address customer needs before they arise, and she has the ability to anticipate and address unforeseen challenges with sensitivity. Heather is a curious, meticulous and engaged member of our team. She takes an active approach to problem-solving in the busy environment and isn’t afraid to step in, ask questions, and take action, all while staying on top of her responsibilities. Heather’s colleagues describe her as essential to the smooth running of the OPD team and that everyone should be so fortunate to have a teammate like her who exemplifies such integrity and compassion.

Mark Steringa
Medical Stores, Holland Centre

Mark is a flexible, supportive, and extremely reliable team member who goes above and beyond, using his knowledge and experience to support quality improvement initiatives with exceptional results and ease. Mark demonstrates excellence in customer service with his great attention to detail and superior understanding of supply volumes ensuring that we always have the supplies required every day. His presence and expertise is often missed when he is away. He is extremely collaborative, communicating openly when there are shortages of stock created by backorders. When he is on the unit stocking carts and is approached for a product that is available in the medical stores area only, he will clarify if this is something that is required immediately and if so, he goes down to retrieve it with no questions asked. This excellent level of teamwork and genuine care for others is exactly what sets him apart from others.