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Knowledge translational rounds - “Bench to bedside”

Knowledge translational rounds take place quaternary to network and foster collaboration between preclinical and clinical research arms.

  • April 8th 2019: “CODEX or Dexmedetomidine to reduce the incidence of persistent cognitive dysfunction after open cardiac surgery – A pilot trial”.
  • July 29th 2019: "Activation of GABAAreceptors in astrocytes triggers a persistent increase in extrasynaptic GABAA receptor function in neurons"
  • Next round is scheduled for November 2019

City wide rounds

City-Wide rounds will held three times per year, provide an opportunity to present and discuss topics of interest. This interactive event will focus on basic and/or clinical research and practice. Open to the Medical and Scientific Community (local and worldwide), faculty, residents, students, staff and private sector. Invited guests will focus on research (clinical and basic science, methodology/techniques) to highlight new and exciting findings in the field of brain health. Participants-Clinicians may bring challenging and interesting clinical cases for discussion.

For more information, contact Brenda Bui or Lilia Kaustov