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Education & advocacy

It is important for patients to ask questions about their care and to advocate for their needs. The information provided below may answer some of your questions regarding post-operative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) but it is general information only and may not apply to you. If you have questions or concerns, we recommend that you speak to your health-care team or send us an email at 

Resources for patients

Resources for health-care providers

Advancements in Education & Advocacy

CAHS National Dementia Care Assessment recommends priorities for a Canadian Dementia Strategy

  • A Canadian Academy of Health Sciences expert panel on dementia released their report outlining priorities for a national dementia strategy. Visit CAHS to download the Assessment.
  • The Public Health Agency of Canada charged the panel with providing an evidence-informed and authoritative assessment on the state of dementia knowledge to help advance and inform the development of a National Dementia Strategy

New clinical terms for cognitive changes affecting surgical patients

Best practice recommendations for perioperative brain health

  • An article published in Anesthesia & Analgesia provided best practice recommendations for clinical assessment and management of postoperative brain health.

Information for pediatric and adult neurotoxicity associated with anesthesia

  • SmartTots is a collaborative effort of the IARS, the FDA and many others who are working to make anesthesia safer for infants and children.