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Sentinelle Medical Inc.

Sentinelle MedicalIn 1992, an SRI lab began developing MRI technology for improved detection and biopsy of breast cancer. Twelve years later they had a system that was prompting other researchers and clinicians to ask how they could get one.

The research led to the creation of Sentinelle Medical Inc., a Toronto-based company, which brought the innovative Vanguard breast MR auxiliary table and other MRI technologies into the clinic. The Vanguard allows for multidirectional access to the breast, provides greater patient comfort and facilitates rapid patient movement from MRI to ultrasound and image-guided biopsy. Paired with the company’s variable coil geometry and software these improvements reduce patient time in the magnet by up to 25 minutes, thereby increasing the efficiency of expensive and finite MRI resources.

Hologic Inc. acquired Sentinelle for $85 million in 2010 with an aim of making the breast imaging technology available in more clinics, and using the technology to image other sites on the body.

Sponsors that funded the research that led to the creation of Sentinelle include the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, and industry. The Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation supported research infrastructure.

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