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Graduate students


Scientists at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) act as mentors to over 150 graduate students. Scientists work with students to solve some of the most pressing problems in health sciences. Our graduate students are working on projects across our three scientific platforms: Biological Sciences, Evaluative Clinical Sciences and Physical Sciences.


Eligibility is determined by individual academic departments at the University of Toronto.

How to apply

Students who wish to pursue graduate studies at SRI must apply through their respective academic departments at the University of Toronto.

When you get here

Graduate students report to his or her supervisor and research platform manager.

Connecting with other students

Graduate students are encouraged to join the student-led SRI Student Network (SSN) as a way to connect with their peers. Students can sign-up for their email list. SSN hosts a series of social and professional development events throughout the year and focuses on fostering a sense of community amongst trainees. To learn more, email SSN at or visit their page on Sunnynet.

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