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Postdoctoral fellows

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) offers hands-on learning experiences for postdoctoral fellows who have completed their graduate studies and have an interest in research. There are 47 postdoctoral fellows working on projects across our three scientific platforms: Biological Sciences, Evaluative Clinical Sciences and Physical Sciences.


A postdoctoral fellow is an individual who was recently awarded a PhD and wishes to pursue further training in his or her academic field.

For international fellows: If a postdoctoral fellow is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, then the position at SRI is contingent upon obtaining employment authorization, which is required under Canadian law.

How to apply

Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact scientists with whom they are interested in working.

When you get here

Postdoctoral fellows report to his or her supervisor or research platform coordinator. Fellows are encouraged to visit the trainee centre in room S6 70.

Trainee Travel Award

The Trainee Travel Award allows graduate students and research fellows to travel to events that will enhance their research training experience. Since 2012, 71 awards have been granted. Reimbursement of expenses will be awarded for the travel-related expenses to present at a national or international conference. Download the application form for more details (PDF).

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