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Student supplement

A spotlight on student life at SRI

The student supplement is a series of stories dedicated to unveiling life as a student or postdoctoral fellow at Sunnybrook Research Institute. It tackles some of challenges trainees face; provides advice on how to make the most of the experience, on campus and off; and trains the spotlight on the work of current and former students and postdocs.

An image of the SRI fellow in the lab. He has red hair.






The right fit

An SRI postdoctoral fellow finds lasting benefits
in a temporary position
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The Las Vegas story

Student finds research oasis in desert city
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When discs fly

Wins are few, but that won't stop Zissou
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Model behaviour

An SRI trainee learns how to think like a scientist
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City of lights gets brighter

Former SRI grad student joins galaxy of biomedical talent
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Meeting competing demands

Students and postdoctoral fellows with children get reorganized
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Dollars in and out

How to manage graduate student finances
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Hot spots and hangouts

A primer of hot spots and hangouts in and around Sunnybrook
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Dropping in

Mature students readjust to academia after life on the outside
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