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SRI Summer Student Research Program

An image of students at the 2022 poster program.

Sunnybrook Research Institute offers a Summer Student Research Program that provides undergraduate students with a unique hospital-based research experience and showcases the postgraduate environment as a prospective career. The program, which runs from May to late August, starts with an orientation to SRI, and is followed by regular seminars whereby leading faculty talk about their research. In August, students present their work at the Summer Student Poster Competition.

Applications are now being accepted for summer 2024, please contact the labs directly by visiting our Scientist Profiles.

Deadline: Friday, March 29th 2024 at 4 p.m.


For all our student programs, with the exception of the Focused Ultrasound High School Summer Research Program, students must be enrolled in a university program (it does not need to be the University of Toronto) and hold at least a B+ average in their most recent year of study. Students who have recently completed a program before the summer but who show strong evidence of an intended career trajectory in medical research may be considered. Students holding a visa are eligible only if the visa permits.

How to apply

Students interested in a summer placement should contact scientists with whom they are interested in working. It is good practice to send them your resume, cover letter, and transcript when you reach out to express your interest. Once you and your supervisor are in agreement with program guidelines, you will work together to complete and submit required HR new hire documentation. Please note applications are due March 29, 2024 at 4 p.m. Successful applicants will be connected to a platform manager for on-boarding instructions. For the summer student programs in Brain Sciences and Focused Ultrasound, follow the links for separate application instructions.

When you get to SRI

Students who are successful in obtaining summer employment will receive an orientation at the beginning of the term. Students are encouraged to attend the weekly seminar series to gain exposure to a variety of research areas and topics, and to interact with scientists and other students.

Summer Student Poster Competition

Every year, students who have been funded through the SRI Summer Student Research Program and any other research summer student who has been hired through Sunnybrook's research administration is invited to showcase their research projects by participating in the Summer Student Poster Competition held on August 14th, 2024 in the McLaughlin Auditorium.

Read about previous years’ summer research project competitions.

Funding options

Summer students are hired as SRI employees and paid an hourly wage. The supervisor agrees to cover the salary and can apply for awards to offset this obligation. Programs such as the SRI Summer Studentship Award is designed to attract outstanding university students into postgraduate careers. This award is granted to the top 25 ranked applications. Successful applicants will be notified by April 26, 2024.

All applicants are encouraged to contact their home institution’s resources department for additional funding opportunities. University of Toronto students can also apply via stipend programs such as SURP or CREMS.

Pay rates

$17.21* for post year 1 students
$18.24* for post year 2 students
$19.34* for post year 3 and beyond students

The hourly rate includes compensation for vacation, with a 4% increment.

Who can I contact for more information?

Questions can be directed towards our Summer Student Program coordinator at