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Undergraduate students

James Kim Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) reaches out to younger students exploring the possibility of a career in science. We seek to provide real-life experiences of what it means to work as a scientist across a spectrum of possibilities—from studying cells and molecules using state-of-the-art microscopes, to helping analyze data from clinical trials. There are about 80 undergraduate students working at SRI at any given time. In the summer, this number rises substantially, when the institute hosts its annual SRI Summer Student Research Program.


Generally, undergraduate students working at SRI during the months of September to April are “co-op” students. These students belong to a co-operative education program through their university and are completing one of their work terms at SRI.

How to apply

Co-op students must apply through their co-op placement program at their university. Scientists who wish to employ co-op students make their own arrangements for interviews with the various co-op programs at the universities.

When you get here

Co-op students are hired as employees of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. All co-op students will have a documentation and orientation session through the human resources department. Co-op students should report to his or her research platform coordinator upon starting the work term.

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