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In Depth: Highly Qualified Personnel

A spotlight on HQP at SRI

The supplement on highly qualified personnel (HQP) is a series of stories dedicated to unpacking the job titles of HQP—among them engineers, physicists, research associates, managers and technicians—and showing why they are fundamental to our success at Sunnybrook Research Institute. We also aim to provide a glimpse into the working lives of these individuals, for those who may be considering a career in one of these fields.

HQP Overview

File under "highly qualified"

Skilled personnel are the mechanics of
Canada's medical research engine
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Gisele Knowles

Smooth operator

Providing expertise, efficient service all in a day's work for this core facility manager
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Martin Beek

Home away from home

Programmer finds niche in biomechanical research lab
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Gord Mawdsley

Big-picture physicist

Specialist’s breadth of knowledge brings creative solutions to research lab
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Marian Vermeulen

Making care better

Epidemiologist seeks a fix for emergency department wait times
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Kasia Harasiewicz

Shape shifter

One law guides this protean engineer: do what it takes
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Stefan Pintillie

Creating the code

Stefan Pintillie on computer programming for medical science
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Kelly Coultes

Driven to discovery

How one SRI technician pursued her passion for research and never looked back
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Sue Crisp

What's it like to be an MRI technologist?

Must love patient contact and be fascinated by imaging, says Sue Crisp
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