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Trainees' Post, 2017-2018

For trainees by trainees

Trainees' Post is a feature of SRI's newsletter, Nexus. In it, we speak with students and postdoctoral fellows at SRI to collect their insights, advice and experiences on many facets of life as a trainee. Some of what we’ve covered includes career pathways, how to apply for awards and grants, presenting at conferences, submitting papers to journals, the summer student experience and making good educational choices.

2017 to 2018

Miho Tanaka

Confronting a PhD defence date: Miho Tanaka shares her feelings as she prepares for the big day

Trainees' Post with Miho Tanaka

Nick Fischer

Finding the right postdoctoral fellowship—stay or go?

Trainees’ Post with Nick Fischer

Dr. Yacine Touahri’s

A globetrotting postdoc offers up words of wisdom to his pre-SRI self

Trainees' Post with Dr. Yacine Touahri