Brain Sciences

Brain sciences

Meet the central nervous system—the marrow of our existence, at the core of which is the brain. The energy, power and capability of this system on which we rely is breath-stopping to consider. Because of it, we are and we do: We play. We walk. We work. We dance. We dream. We laugh. We learn. We kiss. We create. We imagine.

What can go wrong? Everything. It can suffer stealthy injury, as happens with multiple sclerosis or covert stroke; or endure brazen assault, as with a burst vessel that floods our brain with blood. It can break down. We can be stripped of our known world when our vision and hearing fail. Our neurons, some 86-billion cellular workhorses that keep us pulsing and striving as we move and think through life, can fall to pieces, they can die, as with steadily marching-on diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and dementia, this last a scourge of shuddering proportions.

Brain is mind. Its might belies its three pounds. Although we don’t have a good grasp on why, we do know that our mind can drag us into dark, confusing places. It can enshackle us, blacking out clarity, inflicting only torment.

Ahead, hope: that while everything can go wrong, something can be done. These slices of what our scientists are passionately pursuing show that we are making progress—but that we need to push on, for we are far from there.

Welcome to Brain Sciences at Sunnybrook Research Institute.

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