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Holland Bone and Joint Research

Musculoskeletal research

Musculoskeletal conditions have a major impact on our function and independence. The cost of treatment and care for these conditions is growing as the population ages.

The Holland bone and joint research program works to reduce the burden of illness in the population due to musculoskeletal conditions. We strive to bridge the gap between evidence-based research and clinical practice by developing and testing strategies to improve the provision of health care, including health promotion, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our program benefits from the expertise and knowledge of many renowned scientists and investigators conducting research in key areas of musculoskeletal medicine, including arthritis and arthroplasty, musculoskeletal injury and bone metastases.

We are a leader in orthopaedic care and research, thanks in great part to a $20-million gift from Susanne and William Holland.


Dr. Cari Whyne
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