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What we do

The HOPE Research Centre provides support across all areas of research, from the development of research questions and planning, comprehensive study coordination, to knowledge translation. We provide consulting services to industry partners and grant support to academics and physicians.

Research expertise

We specialize in a variety of economic studies across all therapeutic areas for different types of interventions, including medications, devices and programs. We conduct:

  • large-scale prospective studies
  • BIA and HTA submissions
  • comprehensive multi-site chart reviews
  • surveys and quality of life studies
  • decision analytic modelling
  • health preference determination
  • lost productivity studies
  • medical writing published in peer reviewed journals, or abstract presentations at conferences

Real-World Evidence

Since 2017, the HOPE Research Centre has focused on studies using Real-World Evidence (RWE) in order to identify population-level disease cohorts and answer relevant and timely study questions that impact health systems. Areas of RWE focus include:

  • incidence and prevalence of cohorts
  • cohort demographics and characteristics
  • real-world treatment patterns and survival outcomes
  • resource utilization and health system costs

Clinical areas of research

We have extensive experience across different clinical areas of research:

  • oncology
  • neurology
  • HIV
  • adverse drug reactions
  • critical care
  • dermatology
  • rare diseases
  • methodology to advance economic evaluations
  • economic guideline development


We bring our scientific expertise and experience to determine the most effective type of analysis to answer research queries from our partners. Our analyses include:

  • formal economic evaluations (e.g., cost-effectiveness analyses, cost-minimization analyses)
  • cost-of-illness studies
  • RWE studies
  • custom studies
  • literature reviews