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Image-guided surgery and therapy

Contact: Terry Peters

Industrial impact 

  • translational technologies
  • revolutionize delivery of surgery and therapy
  • create world-leading industrial base in Ontario
    • unique window of opportunity
    • open new industrial markets for Ontario companies
  • train highly qualified personnel for partner companies

Emerging technologies

It was emphasized that several of the project directions represent common and fundamental technologies highly relevant to multiple sub-projects of theme, and that a coordinated application would allow all groups to benefit from developments in these core areas:

  • interactive guidance software;
  • tracking surgical and therapy delivery technologies;
  • integrated real-time intra-surgical imaging technologies; and
  • patient/image registration.

In addition, the following areas were seen as key emerging technologies where Ontario researchers in this group have a lead:

  • thermal therapies;
  • catheter-based and minimally invasive (keyhole) surgeries;
  • telesurgery; and
  • X-ray diffraction-based tissue analysis.

Academic participants

  • London Health Sciences Centre
  • John P. Robarts Research Institute
  • London Regional Cancer Centre
  • Ontario Cancer Institute
  • University Health Network
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Hospital for Sick Children
  • Queens University/Kingston General Hospital

Recent startup companies

  • Life Imaging Systems (London)
  • Atamai Inc (London)
  • Cadmit (Toronto)
  • IGO (Kingston)

Industrial partners (Ontario)

  • Surgical Navigation Systems/Cedera Inc.
  • MDS-Nordion
  • Northern Digital
  • Vasotech
  • CSPI