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Animal imaging

Small animal imaging

Contact: Stuart Foster


To make Ontario companies the leading suppliers of small animal imaging technology and services in North America.

Industrial impact

  • participation in the explosion of knowledge based opportunities in animal and human genomics
  • development of a leadership role for Ontario companies
  • creation of a highly trained workforce for new Ontario companies

Near-term commercial opportunities:

  • technological development of magnetic resonance, positron emission, ultrasound and computed tomography for small animal imaging
  • imaging for the biological sciences and genomics
  • three-dimensional visualization, processing and informatics for phenotypic screening
  • partnerships and services for drug companies

Emerging commercial opportunities:

  • new detector technologies:
    • linear arrays for high frequency ultrasound imaging
    • coil arrays for magnetic resonance imaging
  • in vivo guidance and monitoring of genetic manipulation

Related information management technologies

  • computer tools for functional measurements, small animal image analysis, and multi-modality image registration and comparison
  • database management tools for phenotypic and imaging information

Potential industrial partners

  • instrumentation: VisualSonics, Enhanced Vision Systems, Life Imaging Systems, SGI
  • pharmaceutical: Searle, AstraZenica, SmithKline Beecham, Parke-Davis

Potential participants

  • Toronto: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Foster, Henkelman, Burns, Chen, Noseworthy, Rowlands)
  • Kingston: Queen's University (Lockwood, Sayer)
  • London: John P. Robarts Research Institute (Fenster, Rutt, Holdsworth), Lawson Research Institute (Drost, Prato, Thompson)
  • Hamilton: Hamilton Health Science Centre (Nahmias, Vallient)
  • Ottawa: Carleton University (Johns, Paul)

Budgetary focus of application

Mainly personnel and operating


The small animal imaging proposal was approved and the Ontario Consortium for Small Animal Imaging was created. The project ends in 2008.

Veterinary diagnostic imaging

Contact: Howard Dobson


Creation of partnerships between institutions and industry for the commercial development of new imaging techniques and the application of existing technologies to veterinary diagnostic imaging.

Near-term commercial opportunities

  • commercial diagnostic imaging services for companion animals
  • companion animal cross-sectional imaging
  • 3-D ultrasound for companion, sport and food animals

Emerging commercial opportunities

  • portable imaging equipment for sport animals
  • cross-sectional imaging equipment that negates general anesthesia in companion and sport animals
  • nuclear medicine techniques and radiopharmaceuticals for companion and sport animals

Related information management opportunities

  • visualization techniques as clinical training tools

Industrial impact

  • commercial opportunities in the North American Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging market for new Ontario companies
  • Training of highly skilled personnel for new Ontario companies

Potential industrial partners

  • Animal Imaging Systems
  • MRV Systems
  • Thames Valley Veterinary Services
  • Life Imaging Systems
  • EG&G
  • Phillips Medical

Potential animal diagnostic participants

  • Guelph: University of Guelph (Dobson, Dony, Etue), Equine Research Centre (Clark)
  • London: John P. Robarts Research Institute (Fenster, Rutt, Holdsworth), Lawson Research Institute (Prato, Thompson, Drost)

Budgetary focus Of application

Personnel, operating, equipment.


Veterinary imaging proposal for next ORDCF deadline (May 2000)