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Microscopy and optical imaging

Contact: Brian Wilson


  • confocal microscopy and macroscopy
  • multi-photon imaging
  • near-field microscopy
  • CCD-based imaging

Upcoming Proposals in Focus

Multi-modal microscopy platform
Contact: Brian Wilson


Near-term technologies:

Integrate existing fluorescence and multi-photon technologies for applications in neuroscience and cancer detection. This development will focus on the integration of existing technologies and the development of a new femtosecond laser system in Ontario. The result will be a new imaging product and a new laser product, both to be manufactured in Ontario.

Emerging technologies:

  • new femtosecond laser development
  • real-time macroscopy for large specimens (up to 7 cm in size)
  • fluorescence imaging for cancer detection
  • cooled CCD-arrays and camera technology
  • near-field microscopy
  • reporter materials (molecular probes)

Related information management technologies:

  • computer tools for comparison of multi-modal images

Potential industrial partners (more are welcome)

  • enabling technologies: DALSA, JDS Uniphase, Noriga, S.G.I., Walsh
  • integration: Biomedical Photometrics Inc., DMI
  • applications: Multiple

Potential participants

  • Toronto: Princess Margaret Hospital (Brian Wilson, David Hedley), University of Toronto (Cynthia Goh, Martin Moskovits, Chris Yip, Dwayne Miller), Ryerson (Steven Liss, Derick Rousseau)
  • Waterloo: University of Waterloo (Ted Dixon, Melanie Campbell, Eric Jervis)
  • Ottawa: Loeb Institute (Peter Stys, Andrew Ridsdale)

Complementary to existing programs

  • OMA
  • TMIC

Budgetary focus of application

Strong emphasis on equipment.


Multi-modal microscopy proposal for next ORDCF deadline (May 2000).