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Kelly Multimedia Teaching Centre

The IRCCI Michael Kelly Multimedia Room allows staff and students to monitor interventional procedures performed in the X-ray and MRI suites. A touch pad allows users to select from a variety of video sources that are displayed via an overhead video projector. These video sources include the medical images produced by MRI, ultrasound and X-ray equipment. The system also shows images from video cameras in the imaging suites and computers displaying real-time MR images and ECG data.

The images from the camera and sound system allow the audience to interact with medical staff during procedures. The system allows multiple video sources to be seen simultaneously on the projector, which is an advantage during interventional procedures because it provides access to all of the information used to make clinical decisions. The system is also used to teach cardiology residents, allowing the review of clinical cases stored in medical imaging archives. The audio-visual components are flexible and have spare capacity that will allow new image sources to be added as our needs grow.