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E-mail list

cardiacimaging-L is an e-mail discussion group that focuses on the technical issues, including the outstanding requirements and current resources of the Ontario Consortium for Cardiac Imaging (OCCI), and strategies for improving the collaboration and effectiveness of the participants. For example, subscribers post their questions and ideas for developing a cardiovascular information management system and the software tools and toolkits available within the consortium.

Our listname is cardiacimaging-L, and the name is case insensitive. All interaction with the group is via e-mail.

To subscribe, send the following e-mail, replacing "firstname lastname" by your real name:

Body: subscribe cardiacimaging-L firstname lastname

To send a message to everyone on the list, e-mail:


Please do not send commands (e.g., digest, signoff etc.) to this address. This address is solely used to broadcast comments to the entire group

Some other important commands are available to subscribers including:

  • digest ensures that all e-mails to the group for that day will be compiled as a digest and sent as a single e-mail to the subscriber
  • quitting unsubscribes yourself from the newsgroup using the signoff command
  • suspension turns the mail off temporarily, for example during a vacation, using the nomail command
  • archives all messages to a permanent, searchable archive. Usage of the archive is described here