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DICOM resources

The following links provide a starting place for learning about the DICOM standard and acquiring free tutorials, libraries, and applications. This is not a comprehensive list of DICOM resources since others have fulfilled that task.

Official DICOM resources

  • DICOM 3.1 - 2003: latest document describing the standard, with each chapter available in PDF format
  • DICOM homepage: all of the official standards documents and supplements; sponsored by NEMA

Metaresources and link indices


The software listed below is mostly free and open-source.

  • UCMDC99: collection of libraries and applications originally written by Mark Oskin (UC Davis), modified by Gunter Zeilinger (Karl-Franzens-Universitaet) and now maintained by Trevor Morgan (Sunnybrook)
  • Dicom3tools: David A. Clunie's tools for converting proprietary formats to DICOM
  • ezDICOM: software designed to display most medical images - the tools can also be used to convert DICOM to JPEG, PNG and BMP formats; it can be used for your own programs

Stripping confidential DICOM tags ("anonymizing")

The following are free programs that have a feature to strip confidential information from DICOM files. The affected tags are those that refer to the patient directly (name, birth date, ID) and indirectly (institution, performing physician and referring physician names).

  • FP Image: Windows viewer program that will replace confidential fields by N/A; it does not process a batch of files
  • Sante Dicom Viewer: Windows viewer program that will replace confidential fields with a blank; the user can select multiple files in a directory for batch processing