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FTP server

The site is located at


User: anonymous
Change to the hidden directory


User: anonymous
Change to the hidden directory

Passive Mode

You must be in passive mode to upload to our FTP server. In this mode the client initiates both the initial contact with the server and the data transfer, and this is considered more secure for the client site.


FTP clients such as WS_FTP and Total Commander (free for a trial period) support passive mode as an option.


Unfortunately, neither Solaris nor Digital Unix command-line clients support passive transfers.

The command-line ftp of Linux (Mandrake 9.0) and BSD do have a passive mode. After initiating the ftp session, type passive at the ftp> prompt.

gftp. This open-source tool has a graphical interface and is installed with some Linux flavours (e.g. Mandrake 9.0). The default mode is passive. In version 2.0.13, the option is found underthe FTP menu, Options, FTP tab, and is a checkbox named Passive file transfers.

gftp can be compiled for Solaris, Mac OSX, BSD, IRIX, Digital Unix, HP-UX 11.