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Call for applications

Holing OCCI-related multi-site workshops

Budgeted in the Ontario Consortium for Cardiac Imaging (OCCI) proposal, in addition to the symposium, were three (3) workshops per year, targeting specific interests of the researchers in the OCCI. These workshops should be distributed among different sites of the participating institutions throughout the year. Workshops must be open to all institutional participants of OCCI, although topics may be of focal interest to a smaller group. Applications will be reviewed for content, relevance and budget as they are received. Proposals can be submitted by any PI in the OCCI - however, groups within an institution are encouraged to work together in developing a local workshop. Awards of up to $10,000 will be provided to support such workshops.

The objective is for more detailed sharing of research ideas among participants of OCCI.

Examples include the following:

  • share experimental techniques (e.g., hibernating myocardium model);
  • demonstrate multi-modality experiment for potential collaborators;
  • describe new database for broader use;
  • demonstrate new infrastructure available to members of consortium; and
  • forum for focused discussion on a common research area of interest to multiple groups.

Applications should be emailed to, and must include:

  • workshop description including topic target audience, guest speakers and draft agenda;
  • preliminary budget for the requested funds; and
  • names of associated participating investigators.

Applications will be reviewed by the executive committee of the OCCI.

It is suggested that the priority for budgeted money be for the following:

  1. defray costs of demonstration/presentations at the workshop;
  2. sponsor a social function in association with the workshop (to encourage collaborative discussions); and
  3. support some travel costs (e.g., sponsor speakers, etc.)

Applications should be submitted as appropriate. Feedback will be provided within six (6) weeks of application - please allow sufficient time for planning your event.